Toyota NZE, Fielder, Allex, Runx

Toyota NZE

Toyota NZE is a common car on Kenyan roads. It was released as an improved version of Toyota Corolla and Kenyans fell in love with the model right away. It has a better shape, more space and it is more fuel efficient.

With the Toyota NZE, Kenyans have a wide range of choice. The versions include:

Toyota NZE Luxel, Toyota NZE X-Edition,

Toyota NZE Assista, Toyota NZE G -Edition.

The X-Assista is the base model. That is; it has just the basic parts of the NZE with the fancy details missing.

It has no power mirrors and windows
It has no molding on doors
It has no headrests on the back seat

The only advantage of the X-Assista is that it is economical fuel wise. It is 1300cc.

The X-Series
This is a better version of the X-Assista. It is either 1300cc or 1500cc.
It has matching door handles and side mirrors,
It has molding on the doors
It has powered side mirrors
It has headrests on the back seats
The navigator and TV are optional. Some models comes with DVD too

The G Series
It is 1500cc

It has matching door handles and side mirrors
It has molding on the doors
It has powered side mirrors
It has headrests on the back seats
It has a navigator and climate control

It has the best quality of seat covers

The LUXEL Series

It is 1800cc

It has matching door handles and side mirrors
It has molding on the doors
It has powered side mirrors
It has headrests on the back seats
It has a navigator and climate control

It has wood grain finish on the interior
It has the best quality of seat covers

Toyota NZE cars also offer a choice of automatic and manual gear transmission. There are many colors ranging from White, Black, Navy-blue, Silver, Beige, Maroon and Green.

There are EFI engines for the older models are VVTI engines for the newer models.

A VVTi Engine

Its features include:

Since the Toyota NZE is considered a convenience car, most of its features revolve around offering convenience. These are;

Air conditioner, CD Player, Power Steering,

Central Lock, Radio, Auto Retract Mirrors,

Power windows, Dual SRS Airbags, ALB (Antil Lock Breaks)

The Toyota NZE has comfortable seats and wide leg area and this makes it a compact car even for long distance travelers. However, for an efficient engine performance, service is advice after traveling 4000 kilometers.


There are variations of the Toyota NZE that are also common in Kenya. These variations are produced to offer variety and to cater for all customer needs. The variations include:

Toyota Fielder

This is the station wagon version of the Toyota NZE. It has a wider boot area and the rear seat can be folded to increase the carriage space. Apart from the body shape, all other specs are similar to the Toyota NZE saloon.

However, there is a 2010 release that has a sleek body shape and a wider interior space offering more comfort.

Toyota Fielder 2007 Model

Toyota Fielder 2010 release

Toyota Runx & Allex

This is a sports version of the Toyota NZE. The main difference is the rear shape. The Runx/ Allex adopts a unique rear shape. It has a rear door. Kenyans who have the car claim it is faster and this could be due to its shape.

What is the difference between Toyota Runx and Allex?

The Badge alone.

These models are the same in every way. They come in engine capacities of 1500 cc and 1800 cc. They are all VVTi engines with a number that are tiptronic. They adopt a sporty look having chrome panels and they look great on chrome rims. They are fast and they are all 6 speed.

Toyota Allex

Toyota Allex Interiors

Toyota Runx

The Run-X Engine

Toyota Landcruiser

A great 4 wheel drive SUV that has been in production for over 60 years. The car has matured to a state of art VVTI powered engine with great power and perfect torque.

The 2010 version of the landcruiser is a complete package with a DVD/VCD music system coming along with two wireless headphones. Entertainment enhancement comes along with a display screen single rear middle.

The lighting system is characterized by high pressure headlight cleaners.

This new version has a refrigerated storage compartment center. For safety purposes, the car has a collision warning system which activates seat belts.

Customers have a choice of a wooden & leather steering wheel as well as a luxury trim wood & leather on gearknob.

For the cold season, the Toyota landcruiser has a front facing heated rear seats.

The car has a windshield wipers that come along with automatic intermittent wipes and a rain sensor. Other inclusive specs includes a navigating system and rear spoilers.

Servicing your Toyota in Kenya

Many Kenyans compain that their Toyota cars consume too much fuel after a number of months from the purchase date. This could either be as a result of poor service or as a result of swift depreciation.

FACT: 90% of all the Toyota cars in Kenya are second hand cars.

Paying attention to the fact above, it is evident that many Kenyans buy a car that they dont know it's behavior. Due to this reason, most Kenyans will service all Toyotas after 5000Kms which is believed to be the mileage that a toyota car is supposed to cover between the current service date and the next service. 

Servicing your car after 5000kms is fair for the machine but I would always advice that you service your car after a certain period instead of waiting for the number of kilometers. The reason for my advice is that:

  1. There are different vehicle propellants and for the diesel propelled engines, combustion is more vigorous and this tires the engine and the filters. A diesel engine might require a more frequent service schedule.
  2. Some people use their cars just for home to office and back service. Such a car could take a year before hitting the 5000km target. Having your car engine operating with fuel and oil filtered by a 1 year old filter is risking an engine knock.
  3. Many mechanics in Kenya are crooks. As such, at times they dont change all the spares that should be changed when service is due. This continues wearing the car further. Changing service centers once in a while is adviced for this problem.

The bigger the car, the more frequent the service needed. It is always nice to write to us in case you have any doubt about how frequent your services should be.