Toyota Prius

This is the car that has made a fuss throughout the globe. It was released in 4 generations with the last release being in 2010.


Fuel Consumption - The car uses an average of 4.7 liters per 100 kilometers. This is the car every Kenyan Should have. With fuel worth Ksh 500, you will last as long as 2 weeks if you live around the city.
Environmental pollution - The car emits insignificant amounts of carbon dioxide and therefore this is an Eco-friendly car.

  1. It is the first mass produced fully hybrid car. It is also the most popular hybrid car in the world. It sells at least 2 million units worldwide.
  2. Developed in 1997. Sold only in Japan up to 2001 when it ventured world wide. It currently sells in over 70 countries in the world. There are at least 500 of these in Kenya.
  3. Most fuel efficient vehicle in the world. This has made is the best seller in North America and Japan.

The Toyota Motor Corporation is likely to launch a Prius minivan. This MPV is likely to take the world by storm. Toyota plans to display it in the upcoming Detroit motor show.