The Vitz and the Yaris

It has recently won the title, Nairobi's favorite car. The Kenya Toyota Club thinks otherwise. It is famous among women circles. Here are some facts about it:
It is a nice car for the people who love their rides small. Very good for a shopping basket. It wont consume too much space at Village market and even parking in the basements is easy.

There is no difference between the Toyota Vitz and the Toyota Yaris. Kenya Toyota Club has established that these two brands were developed to market the car. The car is a 1000 cc and therefore it is ideal for Kenyan roads. You can drive from Buruburu or Langata to town and back with 2 litres of fuel. Its fuel capacity is 42 liters.
The car comes in two different engines. One is turbo charged. This is ideal for the power fanatics. The men prefer the turbo engine. There are efi and VVTi models of this car.
The car can easily be spiced up into a sport look both on the interior and the exterior. It makes it look hotter.

The speedometer and the fuel meter are at the center. This gives the driver better view of the front with a lower dashboard and a shorter bonnet.

The car is available in manual and automatic transmission.


  1. Want the 1.5 N/A Manual Vitz RS.

    1. A modern day hot hatch indeed!

  2. I bought my used car Toyota Vitz for a cheaper and very affordable price from tradecarview and still the car exceeds my expectations!

  3. I have the old and the new shape rs brothers.. One word.. Power. Passed a v8 on the naivasha hill.

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