The Kenya Toyota club sees the Toyota Premio as an office car. It is a compact sedan that is spacious on the interior and it could be a perfect office for a businessman who is starting out small and does not have office finance. You know how we do it in Kenya.

The Toyota Premio is the improvement of Toyota Corona. It was developed by the Toyota Motor Corporation in 2001. Like the saying goes, the Toyota Co. has never looked back on it's idea to develop this car.

The Toyota Premio was released in Generations.

Toyota Premio Old Model

The First generation reigned between December 2001 to December 2006. It has engines of 1.5ltrs, 1.8ltrs and 2.0ltrs. These were the engines that were referred to as D4. The D4 engine was said to have a problem and most people in Kenya avoided the car. However, the car is still a fovorite of many and it has sold over 100,000 units in Kenya.

Toyota Premio Old Model

Fact(Toyota Premio D4 Engine Problems)

The D4 engine is a fuel efficient engine that is designed for more power. The consumption of a 2.0ltr D4 engine is the same as the consumption of a 1.5ltr EFI engine. However, it has an erratic speed issue that is likely to give an unexpected surge. This was giving the Toyota Motor Co. a headache with the Toyota Premio old model sales. The problem is mainly as a result of accumulation of carbon deposits in the engine. For optimum performance of the D4 engine, you will need high octane fuel with low Sulphur content.
The D4 engines
The D4 engine injects gasoline directly into the combustion chamber. This is accompanied by a series of air compression. With the direct injection, the fuel mixes with the air and this is meant to emit a lighter exhaust gas while exuding more power and using less fuel. Mitsubishi uses the same engine for their Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) mainly used by the Pajero io and the Galant.
The Direct Fuel Injector

The D4 engines that use diesel are mainly used on the Toyota Hilux. These are called D4-D.
The D4-D Engine mounted on a Toyota Hilux

The D4 engine was also know to have engine stutters and a rough idling session. Many mechanics fear the engine but the secret lies in servicing your car on time and getting reliable fuel from a trusted dealer.
A dismounted D4 engine

Toyota Premio New Model
The Toyota Premio new model a.k.a generation 2 was released in 2006. It is differentiated by a sleeker shape, sharper brake lights and a more expensive look.
The Toyota Premio New Model
This new model has designed a 4 wheel drive model for the 1.8ltr. However, the 1.5ltr and the 2.0ltr are 2WD. The car uses a ventilated disc braking system and its suspension is coil spring supported.

What is the difference between Toyota Premio and Toyota Allion?
Mechanically, the Toyota Premio and the Toyota Allion are the same. They have similar engines. The only different thing between the 2 cars is the badges and the outer shape.
The Toyota Allion
The Toyota Motor Co. designed the Toyota Premio to replace the Toyota Corona while the Toyota Allion was designed to replace the Toyota Carina.
The Front View of the Toyota Premio
The rear view of the Premio
The Toyota Premio gives the owner a status and prestige while the Toyota Allion gives the owner a sporty feel. The performance of both cars is the same and so are the dimensions and the torque.

Both cars come equipped with a 5.8" monitor that gives the driver a multi-information display, a reclining seat and wooden grain finish on the dashboard. The cars have optional meters that are a choice of optitron and analogue. The navigation system is optional and so is the audio system.
The design of the Toyota Allion was inspired by the new generation Mark X.
The Front seat view
The entire sitting arrangement


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