From a critic's point of view, the Kenya Toyota Club could be just another blog that discusses cars. Looking at the layout of the blog, it is evident that it is more than that.

However, that is not the basis of this article. The Kenya Toyota Club set out to know how resourceful it was in its operations. We did an online and real research of our ratings.

We must accept that many people in Kenya do not know us since we have a better online outfit than the traditional real outfit.

However, we were amazed at a statistic that has shown that we are #72 in the list of 100 sites that have received the greatest traffic by online viewers who wanted to know about Toyota Runx. This is according to a keyword data compilation site called; keyrow.com.

The Kenya Toyota Club seeks to enlighten anyone who wants to buy a Toyota as well as existing Toyota owners on all aspects that relate to Toyota Cars. In an effort to do this, we go to great heights to ensure that we offer as much information as we can.

While we were busy doing this, the online watchdogs realized that we were good in what we do and this is the reason why we rank in the keyrow.com list.

This proves true the statement; Do whatever you do to perfection, it will always pay you back with perfection.

With such a recognition, we look forward to more recognition in the year 2011.

We are all grateful for our club members and every viewer of our blog for making us proud.

Thanks bunches,
The Kenya Toyota Club Team.


  1. Hello.

    I just purchased a Wish 2004 D4 engine from Japan. Just heard lots of people say negative about the engine. Can you please highlight and if possible provide to me the technical specifications of the engine to be able to know what RON number fuel it uses and oil grade.

  2. Can u give some details on NZE.

  3. I read your blog for information. Last month, before I bought my Toyota Premio, I read many blogs to convinced me why I should buy Toyota car