The Toyota Probox and Toyota Succeed

The Toyota Probox/Succeed is the new Toyota Kid on the Block in Kenya. It is the predecessor of Toyota 102/103. It is quite a common car around Eastleigh in Nairobi, South C and Meru. It has also started reaching Garissa and Wajir.
Toyota Probox
The Kenya Toyota Club thinks that this is a good car for a starter businessman. The rear seats can be removed to create more carriage space. This could make a good car for selling eggs, pharmaceuticals and such light merchandise.

The Toyota Probox has only one shortcoming. It does not have leaf springs. It has coil springs. However, it is still a strong car though it is much lighter.

The car seats are mainly fabric. There are no leather seats for this model. This makes it more of a factory car than a luxury car. However, you can still spruce it up into a hotter version.

The probox and the succeed are mainly automatic gear transmitted but there are a number of them that are manual gears. They were released by the Toyota Motor Corporation in 2002 and they have recorded great sales within Asia and Africa in the last 3 years. It has a simple dashboard with basic features like the speedometer, a digital odometer, the air conditioning system and the radio.

Toyota Probox has a simple engine. They are mostly 1500 cc engines. There are a few that are 1300 cc. Most of the probox models have VVTI engines.

The Toyota Probox Engines

Difference between Probox and Succeed

Toyota Probox has a more serious look. The Succeed assumes a sporty look.
Toyota Succeed
The Toyota Succeed look has lights bordering the number plate area. The Probox has no lights on the rear door.

Toyota Succeed Rear
Toyota Probox Rear

Toyota Voxy and Toyota Noah-

The Toyota Motor Corporation is full of surprises. That's the least the Kenya Toyota Club can say about the Toyota Noah and Toyota Voxy minivans.


The first edition of this Multi Purpose Van (MPV) was released in the 90s'. This was the Noah Liteace and the Townace. It was an EFI engine and it had features like rear sliding doors and a sunroof. It had plenty of space although the shape was still conceptual.
The Older Version of the Noah

The Toyota Noah Liteace graduated to a bigger and better version in 2001.
The Front View of the Noah. Notice the N Badge
The Rear View of the Noah

This is a 2000cc minivan that is similar to the new model Toyota Noah.
Older Model

Newer Model
The Voxy can be modified by giving it a sporty look and TRD also looks great on the motor.
Sporty VOXY


These cars are twins in many ways. They both have the following features:
  • Valvematic engine technology with the 3ZR-FAE Engine. Both are medium duty vans powered by the 152bhp 2.0 D-4 direct injection I4 engine - This engine is designed for maximum fuel economy and outstanding vehicle performance.
  • CVT (Continously Variable transmission) technology - This technology is designed to give the car more power, smooth steering while consuming the least fuel. It changes the distances between belts creating better acceleration and lower RPM hence using less fuel. With this technology, you can't hear the change in gear selection and it is capable of accelerating from 0 - 100 mph in 9.6 seconds.
  • Steering-assisted Vehicle Stability Control System
  • Electric Power Steering System
  • Anti-lock Brake System
  • Traction Control System
  • Hill Start Assist Control respectively.
  • 4 wheel drives
  • Both have seats with one-touch folding" third-row seats and second-row "long-slide multi-use rotating" seats with a child seat mode.

The main difference between these cars is the Badge and the outer shape. The Toyota Voxy has a more sporty look than the Toyota Noah that looks more appealing to the mother's for shopping and driving the kids to school, picnic and weekend outings.

The Badge in the Noah shows a nicely defined N while the badge on the Voxy shows a bold V. These are the only features that you can use to differentiate these two vans from the front view.

The Toyota Voxy has a sharper exterior while the Noah
Rear View of the Voxy
Front View of the Voxy