The Kenya Toyota Club has chosen the Toyota Ist as the car of the year 2011.

The Toyota Ist was first released by the Toyota Motor Corporation in 2002. It was an improved hatchback than the Vitz with more space and a better shape.
The car has enough legroom for the passengers too.However, there are no leather seats for this model.
There is also enough space in the boot.

The Toyota Ist is the same car that sells in America as the Scion.

The car is usually released in F and E editions.

It works on an NZ-FE engine. Toyota Motor have however improved this engine from the original 2NZ-FE engine to a stronger 1NZ-FE engine. The 2NZ-FE engine had a displacement of 1298(1300)cc and the newer engine has a displacement if 1496(1500)cc.

These engines are VVTi technology. All the car engines are 4-cylinder Double Overhead Camshafts(DOHC).


The car is not a guzzler. It is an ideal car for a first car owner in Kenya.

It has a fuel tank with a maximum capacity of 42 liters and so with 4500, you have a full-tank and some loose change. The car rolls for 18 kilometers with a liter of Petrol and this means you can move from any corner of Nairobi to town and back with a budget of ksh200.

Service does not cost much and the car will run for long without needing any mechanical check.

The car exudes a power of 109bhp and it has a torque of 138nm for most of the 1500cc engine propelled. The car has a compression ration of 10.5 and its gears are automatic. The transmission technology applied on this car is CVTi.

The car has a wheel base of 2460mm, a turning radius of 5500mm and a kerb weight of 1150kg. At the front, the car uses ventilated disc brakes while at the rear it uses drum brakes. It uses coil spring suspension with strut type springs in front and torsion beam coil springs in the rear.

The car has 6 airbags and it uses ABS control. It has electrical retractable side mirrors which have indicators and auto-climate air-conditioner. The back seats can be knocked down.

Some of the important specs missing from this masterpiece are traction control, steering controls, push start engine button and rain sensing wipers. The car does not have a sunroof but there is a new version of the scion that is set to be released with a convertible top.
The car has a sports shape and it can easily be modified into a aero or any other design. TRD works perfectly on this model.

The cars has a rear wiper and a sleek door on the rear.


  1. For the first time I got about one unique Toyota model from your post. This is no doubt attractive one.

  2. Can any one help me find a shop in Kenya that stocks Toyota IST body kits (most prefferable KenStyle). I would really appreciate it.

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  4. If I buy a second hand Toyota IST car...does Toyota Kenya services such vehicles in time of need? What is the fuel consumption like for a second had IST and what do I need to look for in my IST second hand car?

  5. @Canita. Hi, I operate a garage and I can assure you Toyotas are conveniently serviceable in major garages across town. Their service is also not expensive

  6. Brilliant work - I really love the designs and enjoyed reading your process. Thanks for sharing this. It's a great insight to what I am starting on at the moment too.
    All the best.
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  7. Safety features are the main reason of selling of second hand toyota because it includes safety of drivers as well as for passengers. It has advanced airbags system airbags, 3-point seatbelts for all passenger seats with an additional seatbelt with force limiters for the front row seats, anti-lock brake system together with an electronic brake force distribution, impact-dissipating upper trim, child restraint system lower anchors and top tether anchors, center high-mount stop lamp, maintenance light and low washer fluid warning light, front and rear energy absorbing crumple zones and steering column and direct tire pressure monitor system.

  8. Where can I get a Toyota ist owners manual written in English (what i have is in japanese).

  9. Hi,
    I really appreciate you for all the valuable information that you are providing us through your blog.

  10. You got it this time, Toyota. I am budgeting fot IST this year coz that's my style for 2012. Tito, Nairobi.

  11. Hello People,

    We are grateful for your comments. Keep them coming and also email us in case you need assistance.

    Toyota Club Team

  12. Looking for my first second hand car. Keen on good road performance, optimal fuel consumption, god ground clearance and generous space for luggage. Im torn between 1ST, Funcargo and Success. What are the comparative advantages?

  13. It would be nice to drive around with the Toyota IST. Comfort, style and worthy performance is well-established. Toyota did a good job on this.

  14. Nice car..I kmnow cause I own one. Fuel consumption...impressive!

  15. Thanks for the information.Toyota is no doubt one of the best cars.

  16. Impressive, how much does it go for......

  17. I want to buy a toyota ist this yr i love everything about it. How much should i budjet be.thanks frm G.G

  18. i have a 2004 toyota ist and its fuel consumtion is all over the place. it only also fits 35litres into the tank and i get between 385 and 450km from a tank it is not regular for same driving. any suggestions to whats wrong. also how many km approx does it get once fuel light comes on. thankyou

  19. Where can I find the body kit that is on the white ist with the sport shape?

  20. Hi I'm from Tanzania and I have Toyota IST it very cool car, though I have question, where is the temperature geuge for this car, how do you know that the temperature is high? if there any one knows about please let me know.

    1. It flashes a red temperature indicator on the screen. Just verify your coolant level often...

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  22. Hello Everybody. I also own a Toyota IST, 2004 make. I have a problem with the check oil/Oil pressure warning light. The light seems to come on regularly despite the oil level being full and just recently changed. What could be the problem?