When big boys roll, they roll heavily.

The Mark X is the car from the oriental coast that has made the whole of Europe run Berserk. On its launch, the German's from Mercedes-ville were in court crying foul that their compressor design had been copy-pasted.

Reports from Japan show that the limousine feature of the Mark X makes it sell more than the power under the bonnet. It is this same sleek design that has made the Toyota Mark X to take the parking lot for the big boys like Audi, BMW and Mercedes.


If you woke up in a Mark X and someone told you that you were in a Bentley, you would believe unless you saw the label on the steering. This car's interior has been awarded all the space that was taken from your corollas. If you are a boss, this is the car that you should sit in the passenger seat and let your bodyguards stay in the back seat. You will enjoy a thickly padded arm rest, A clear view of a 10 inch DVD screen, enough leg room to comfortably host a cask of wine and if you decide to drive yourself, you will be spoiled with steering controls.

The person that steers a Toyota mark X is definitely a pilot. With buttons all the way from the gear lever through the nose of the dashboard, you will have so many of them, you will feel like you are flying. For the seats, you get to choose between Black and Cream soft leather interiors.

Along with the Toyota Mark X shapely body, you get a 2362cc engine that does not rev when you step on the accelerator peddle. It hums gently. Its like the purr of a cat that is full. This 2.5G is not the ordinary engine. It will do 0 to 100mph in less than 100 seconds. The consumption is economical bearing in mind its competitors are the German guzzlers.

The engine is 6 cylinders just like the BMW 3 series. In fact, if you know how to toe your gas pedal, the BMW will never catch you on a drag race. Its too heavy for the Mark X.

When you buy one, please warn your dog not to sleep under it. This thing and the ground are neighbors. This assures you that you can stunt at full-speed and the worst you will get is a skid back to where you were coming from. Don't quote me on that one though.

Please don't buy this car if you write every cost your car incurs on a paper and calculate the expenses at the end of the month. This car needs to be loved the same way you would go out of your way while dating the most beautiful lady in the hood.

Maintenance is relatively pricey since a big engine needs a big glass of Arabian Juice. Service depends on how you use the car. I prefer using it on smooth roads. If you want a rough rider, get a land cruiser.

I am short of time so I have copied the specs of the 2.5G and here they are:

Engine capacity 2,499 cc
Engine type V6 DOHC
Compression ratio 12
Bore x Stroke (83.0 x 77.0) mm
Power 203 bhp
Torque 243 Nm
Acceleration unknown
Top speed 203 km/h
Fuel consumption 13 km/L
CO2 emission unknown
Misc technical data  
Transmission 6-speed (A)
Drive type RWD
Vehicle type Luxury Sedan
Dimensions (L x W x H) (4730 x 1795 x 1435) mm
Wheelbase 2,850 mm
Min turning radius 5,200 mm
Kerb weight 1,520 kg
Fuel tank capacity 71 L
Brakes (Front) Ventilated disc
Brakes (Rear) Disc
Suspension (Front) Double Wishbone
Suspension (Rear) Multi-link
Early this year I went to see what China was making as an imitation of the Mark X. They had just computerized the design and they were still trying to re-engineer the Cat eyes of the X to make them a little different. They were also still arguing whether to name it in Cantonese or Mandarin when I got a call from +81 (Toyota Rumor Division). THE MARK X 350S HAD BEEN RELEASED.
The 350S is like the S-Class of the Toyota. A standard and trend setter. A higher price and more luxury. It will most likely arrive in Kenya when drug dealers realize it can pass all road blocks without being waved to the side or when the Governors get permission to fly flags. Getting this animal to Kenya will cost you between 5 to 8 million Ksh. Unfortunately, the orders for custom-made in Japan is too high, they won't take any more from Plainsview estate in South B. Wait for the Japs to use it then you can buy if from IBC after it has been reduced to grade 4. Us Kenyans are really good at buying second hands.

So I went to see the 350S. It has a super facelift. The nose looks like a big X. This machine is aimed at giving the Lexus GS 450S a run for its money. 

 The 350S has been given a sportier design and you have a choice of a standard version, a sport version and a premium version. All have the Bi-Xenon clearance lamps and the combined rear lamps. The double exhaust on either side remains and you can get a 2 or 4 wheel drive.

I have driven the 350S and it gives a better feel than the Lexus GS450. The sport version makes you feel like racing to Nakuru every Friday evening. Its less business and more pleasure with more libido(Engine Power).


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  11. this good information am loving the car, i wanna upgrade from a premio but am scared it will cost me alot to fuel
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